Hollow Earth Tour

by Glitter Wizard

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Herbert West
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Herbert West A more slickly produced, polished, and spacier vibe than previous GW releases, but probably their best so far. I really enjoy the heavy addition of synths; it's a perfect soundtrack to worship Delta-9 THC, Psilocybin, and Lysergic Acid with. Favorite track: Scales.
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released October 21, 2016

Recorded by Donny Newenhouse at El Studio, SF
Mastered by John Golden
Sax by Adam Beach
Cello by Jackie Perez Gratz



all rights reserved


Glitter Wizard San Francisco, California


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Track Name: The Smokey God
Down below
Past the ice and snow
Deep inside
Giant men reside
Hollow earth
Land of mankind's birth
Come form down below
Into the fire we went
Deep inside
I lost my father down there
Under the ice
The smokey god was waiting
With stormy eyes
Passing out words of wisdom
To set us right
No one can see me
No one can see my plight
No one can hear me
No one can read my mind
Agarthic people told me
You better beware
Of all that war and fighting
Going on up there
No one believes me
When they hear my story
Track Name: Mycelia
Like the fingers of a thousand spiders
Reaching out from a shadowy grave
I get a message from a long-lost lover
Calling out from her piney-wood cave

I can hear her whispering under the ground
I get electric chills from the awesome sound

I feel ya
Under the earth

Sending secrets of an ancient nature
That are lost from the annals of man
Handed mysteries and a hidden history
That are older than we understand
Track Name: The Hunter
I'm runnin' and gunnin'
I'm creepin' the deep end

The smell of blood is in the air
I'm following a footprint or a lock of hair
I know I'm close cuz the trail is hot
You can run for awhile but you're gonna get caught
I was born on the forth of July
I was nailed to the cross with blood in my eye
I know I'm gonna find it by the end of the night, oh no

Mein fuhrer is nearer
King Haakon, Neuschwabenland

Thought they had us in a bunker
Out the back door and we're free
Underwater in a u-boat
Paperclip across the sea
Came across a group of wizards
Caught up with us in our sleep
On a tour of Agartha
How'd they ever get so deep?
First we played a game of Magic
Then we ripped a couple bowls
Turn around for Argentina
This Thule shit has got to go

I am the hunter
I am the golden warrior
I am the savage
I am the great destroyer
Track Name: Scales
Like dragons, they come from the sky
On chariots of fire
The builders of stones reaching high
Expanding their empire
We swallow the Soma that brings on the coma
To our unconscious minds

Satellite spaceship encircling the earth
Sending signals, confusion
Seven serpents preserving oath
Sustaining illusion
They feed us a system to feed our addiction
And shadow our minds

Hologram program destroying our kind
Injurious design
Snakes and lizards are leading the blind
Ophidian bloodline
They darken our vision to carry out their mission
And harvest our minds
Track Name: Stoned Odyssey Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 (Fungal Visions)
Fungal visions in my mind
It's time to leave our ape-like ways behind
A new thought occurred
Within a spoken word
A new direction no on could foresee
Except for those that speak to me

Trigger tripped from under earth
To send a signal of our birth
To let the dogstar know
How humankind has grown
Beyond the simple primate stage that she
Had meant for early man to be

Caveman under the ground
You've had your day
Space ace messing around
With your DNA

Fungal visions in my mind
Now I can see the fate of humankind
A race of slaves are we
To our technology
We bring destruction to the planet Earth
And spread across the universe
Track Name: UFOLSD
Run for your life from the all-seeing eye
But the laser light shines and you're pulled to the sky
Feelings off doom and you enter the womb
And you're looking around at a shimmering tomb
Handed a cube by a strange looking dude
And he leaves you alone, standing there in the nude
Fall in a hole a break open your skull
Cuz the drugs that he gave you are taking their toll

See the neon stars as the Earth goes by
See the mind of God dreaming up the sky
And the sun opens up its eye
Track Name: Death of Atlantis
There is an island deep beneath the ocean
Contains the wisdom of the stars
Akashic records hold the mind of God
The fallen ones search for the sound
The neophytes forget themselves, forget the masters
They're tempted by the golden apple
The Serpent Brotherhood maintains the knowledge of the sun and moon
Return us the time of Oneness

I feel the heat of the night
I hear the screams of a young man dying
He fights to survive
I feel the stab of the knife
I twist the hilt of the sword I am holding
As I end his life

The holy ones beneath the sun
Fall into the sea
The acolytes, they bring the light
To all humanity